Just a little about yours truly...

Awwww! How cute!

You want to know a little about Me do you? You sluts always do...

Okay, so here is the skinny on your sexy little Kitten 

My desire is to push you little slaves clear over the edge.. I want to watch you break and crumble in my hand, down on your knees and begging Me for more. I am cruel, I am heartless, I am a hot sadist Princess and I enjoy every moment as the tears fall from your eyes.
However and again, I am a Princess and I DEMAND to be treated as such, I do not waste my time on pathetic boys that don't understand that. I am also a humiliatrix and a control freak! I love nothing better than gaining the leverage and consent I need to twist your little pea brain into a prancing little sissy bitch. Humiliating you, teasing you and totally manipulating you to the point where you are completely helpless to my wishes, commands and desires.

My cravings will become your dreams and I will stop at nothing to bend your will, steal your soul and permanently enslave you into becoming my little pocket pussy that I can pull out of my purse and phone fuck anytime I wish. I love technology and I use it to put my little cuntletts on a digital leash, which I constantly yank! Yes my little ass monkey, I love cyber fucking the shit out of you little ass hats and trust me, you will in the end actually consent to all of it. 

Well, there you go slut. Now you know all about me, how about you start blubbering about yourself so I can start taking notes and begin your journey into being hopelessly trapped in my Kittens Lair...

Claws are in for now 


© 2015 by Princess Kitten. 

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