Welcome to My lair

EWWW! Look what just crawled its way in...

A stinky smelly nasty boy in My Lair!


Well little boy, I know My enticing pictures drew you in, but it will be My dominant personality, wicked mind, playful attitude and manipulative ways that will forever trap you in My Lair. I have been controlling little boys like you all My life and you will be no different. At first you will be drawn to Me because of My extreme beauty, then you will get to know Me better and want My attention. In the end you will do anything I say, just to be recognized in my world. I will use your weakness against you, play with you as a Kitten loves to do, and then when you are at your weakest, My claws will dig deep into your soul. you will be a trapped and helpless little bitch in My Lair and have no choice from that point forward, but to obey My every demand!


I know deep down you are reading this and thinking that this is only a fantasy, but trust Me slut, this is no game to Me. I have given you fair warning of what I am going to do and how it will proceed. That said… you will go forward anyway, you are already fascinated with the actual possibility of becoming My bitch, and that is why you continue to read this. It really is pathetic just how weak the male brain is and I am going to prove it to you and once trapped.. it will suddenly dawn on you that I was telling the truth the whole time. Sadly though, you will be forever enslaved by Me by the time you realize this and the exit to My Lair forever locked. No way out.


So, how do you get started? I know you are thinking this, even though I have given you ample warning. Sad so very sad…


First things first:

1. This is no free ride! I expect and will be compensated for My time graciously. My time is precious and will be valued or my door is closed to you. I do not tolerate broke ass slaves! You must be able to buy what I need to further control you and when I say control, I mean total and complete CONTROL!

2. I do not tolerate dis-obedience! If you are here to test Me you will find that I am an expert at hitting the block button and you will be filtered into the OBLIVION of my spam folder. I CAN’T STRESS THIS ENOUGH!!! If you dis-obey you will not play!

3. REMEMBER THIS! you came to Me, not Me to you. you asked for this and in the end I will enslave you. you will eventually have no rights and you will happily sign them away to ME.  Living life for me will be the best decision you've ever made. 

4. I LOVE CONTROL! But even more than that, I love forcing boys into becoming chastised, feminized, doting little bitches and I will do this to you! PREPARE YOURSELF!

5. Lastly, I will do everything in My power to ingrain Myself into your pea brain. I will learn everything about you. If you think I am kidding, think again little slave, because in the end My ownership of you will be complete.


Well, I think the above bullet points sum it up pretty well, don’t you? If you are serious about going down this path and have done your research properly, contact Me with tribute to begin your enslavement. Oh and if you are still thinking that this is just some kind of role play or a fantasy…  Think twice. This is who I am and it is NOT an act. Just ask about how I treat the boys who visit me in my dungeon.. Not a game.


I'm certain I'll be hearing from you soon.

Your Beautiful Sadist, Princess Kitten